In addition to the plants, bugs, small animals and fish these chickens scavenge out of the yard and pond, our girls have quite a varied diet.

Layer Crumble Feed


Their feeder always contains a steady supply of store bought crumbles and oyster shell. It is fortified with calcium to promote strong eggshell formation and contains all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy, productive chickens.


 Bread, Grains, Fruit and Kitchen Scraps

20150730_114602fruit in truck20150625_091253



Our church donates day old bread, a local vegetable stand donates their almost bad vegetables and fruit and our family, friends and neighbors save their food scraps.

Seasonal Fresh Greens


The covered garden in the run allows us to sprout seasonal seeds without the chickens destroying them. The netting is high enough that the girls can only access the leaves and can’t destroy the roots.

Meal Worms

beetle cycle20150829_111149














Meal worms are 20% protein. We raise them as a high protein snack for the girls.


Each bin contains the meal worms in the different stages of their life cycle

Meal worms morph into pupa, which turn into beetles, which lay eggs that hatch into baby meal worms. They eat grains (oatmeal and cheerios) and their water source is through any food containing moisture such as fruits and veggies. I just discovered they LOVE cooked eggs!


This has been an awesome kid project. Our son understands the whole life cycle and is always excited to put the new pupa and beetles into their appropriate bins.














In addition to whatever little critters we find in the house or on the property, we found that placing a bug zapper over our goldfish/rain barrel, provides us with a daily supply of live bugs, mainly Rice Beetles.


At first, we were pretty bummed that our pond was overgrown with this weird green stuff. As I began to research it, I learned it is Duckweed. While trying to learn how to get rid of it, I kept finding articles on how to grow it and the great nutritional value it contains. People actually buy this stuff as a high protein feed for their livestock! It is packed with protein and nutrients and an amazing snack for the girls.  So, I bought a pool net instead…



2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Love the idea of the seasonal fresh greens! I am going to start on putting together one right away. Have to swing by & buy some mealies from ya. 🙂


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